PLAST CONTROL - Thickness Measurement & Control



Thickness Measurement & Control






        Integration of the material handling system into the line control system is a logical step for the development of the PLAST-CONTROL system. The development aims for the hopper loading system was to offer a solid, dependable mechanical design with intelligent control software for easy operation. Development of the loader has been directly influenced by listening and transposing customers experience directly into its design. PLAST-CONTROL conveying systems can be supplied either with an integrated filter or for ease and efficient use a central filter system. The central filter with dust bin allows filters to be changed without shutting the line down, the unit can also be supplied with compressed air flushing for high throughput systems.



 1. High transparency

 2. 360° positioning of the air and material connections

 3. Modular hopper mechanics, ø 300mm

 4. Optional application of full level or low level sensors

 5. Optional angel hair/ fluff filter

 6. High reliability